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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  September 23, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". >> good morning, it is 5:00 on patchouli wednesday morning and we are actually minutes into the start of fall. official fall but will that still feel like summer? still feel like summer? it is a little warmer. meteorological wiz. mike has the full forecast. ben: breaking news, sad news, morning the loss of a legend, yankee great yogi berra has died at the age of 90. we will look back at his incredible life.
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trip to america and the crowds were just going absolutely bonkers yesterday. when he arrives the white house visiting today, the city getting ready for the pontiff to come up. ben: trash talking, moving garbage cans from subway stations, the results of a new audit. juliet: we need a few more wretch to take away the garbage like -- repeat the rat. ben: you dubbed him ricky. you down there hunting for him? juliet: i was not actively hunting but just sauntering bought. ben: tiny middle of bugs, harmless, bother you, rats which could actually bite you, no problem. juliet: little bugs, they flipped around, you don't know they are on you and suddenly you see them and hit them and there's blood and it is
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ben: ben simmoneau, mike woods, september 23rd, we have arrived in fall. >> meteorologist: molly the millipede was visiting yesterday. juliet: molly was over there and mike was on the ground. >> meteorologist: something was going on with that. ben: dismay be it was this into the. >> meteorologist: it is fall as mentioned, at 4:21 this morning and it is the official known as we work through the day, temperatures up, down a gilmore, 60 degrees centerboard, 59 at newark, 56 in bridgeport, 61 in montauk, 46 in monticello, a temperatures in the 40s 50s and 60s, another cool fresh state today, winds easing up for us,
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at this hour but if the wind is coming from the northeast, not a tremendous amount of wind, just a light breeze, cloudiness from yesterday pull away from us here so we have seen some gradual clearing in the overnight hours and we will see a lot of sunshine as we head into the day thanks to high pressure taking over and strongarming the cloud cover in the area, low pressure to the south, low pressure will go away completely, high pressure takes over and is the main weather influence for the next couple days. what that does is brings fair skies, lots of sunshine out there for awhile, high temperatures will reflect that end we will see a high temperature of 79 degrees today and tomorrow will forward cooler temperatures make a come back, let's bring in ines. >> religious observances, meters
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in affect and commutes of to a good start wednesday morning, no problems of a county on the lie, northern or southern state parkway, jim king new jersey, 78, 280 doing fine, let's take a maquette for a commute of the bronx parkway, by 2 thirty-third 3, southbound by northbound very quiet, lincoln tunnel inbound also a quiet ride with no delays comfort into the joel plaza you are fine, holland, and it can look that as well as the greens, there is the bqe for the brooklyn bridge. back to you. juliet: s that day, yogi -- yogi berra has died. ben: he became new in for his unusual quote for robert moses joins us with a look back at his remarkable life. the yogi berra museum in little falls, new jersey. >> reporter: good morning, sadly yogi berra died of natural
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causes last night, spent a lot of time in new jersey, specifically here at the museum and learning center that bears his name, it is a shrine known only to his career but to baseball in general. i thought was appropriate this morning on our trips out here when we got off of route 46 took it. early this morning came the sad news from the museum that bears his name, yogi berra died last night and 90 years old, the yankees pleaded we had the side and by the loss of the yankee berra. even if you are not a fan of baseball you knew yogi berra was, he was born in st. louis in 1925, joined the yankees in 1946, a key would become one of the greatest actors of all time. he won ten world series titles including five and a row from 1949 to 1953. the image of him leaping into the arms of don larsen after license through a perfect game
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in the 1956 world series is iconic. he manage the bronx and the mets too. in 1985 the man known as the boss, yankees owner george steinbrenner's fired him as manager. he promised never to enter yankee stadium for as long, and a 14 year rep before the two men ensued. she and the boss reconciled and yogi berra returned to the stadium. >> i am happy to be here after 14 years. >> reporter: the enthralled crowds when the yankees pay homage to legends. these serve as commercial pitchman. perhaps he is best known for his ridiculous phrases that have entered our national conversation. asia vu all over again, it is not over till that is over, one of his phrases seems especially poignant this morning. you should always go to other people's funerals, otherwise
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to say is will be packed. yogi berra's family released this statement, we mourn the loss of our father, grandfather and great-grandfather we know he is at peace with mom. we celebrate his remarkable life so many. he will truly be mr.. yogi berra now with his wife of 65 years who precede him in death. that is the latest live from little falls this morning. ben: thank you very much. juliet: someone who got to know yogi berra is duke castiglione, having a rough morning. >> reporter: i interviewed him at the age of 26, just remember interviewing him at yankee stadium. he was one of my dad's favorite players can you hear legends about yogi berra, you knew all of the phrases as a kid and what
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an american hero, he was off the coast of normandy on d-day and rocket boat firing guns, german defenses, won several accommodations for bravery as well. being around the yankees was amazing derek jeter and the younger players as well as the old players, reggie jackson, they would come around, everyone loved talking to him. reaction coming in by twitter this morning, former yankee dave winfield said he is ain't so, he was my manager and friend arrest in peace, yogi berra. and one of baseball's grades, hash tag yogi berra. samuel l. jackson had great times and laughs with yogi berra the one of a kind arrest in
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peace and get to know everybody. he was in a ton of commercials, generations got to know him so it is a sad day. american icon, american hero. morning. to the other big story, the pope is getting ready for a busy day in washington. >> he will be with the president at the white house, he holds a mass for business at st. matthew's cathedral at 11:30 and by 4:30 he is celebrating a canonization mass for an 18th-century spanish missionary. the first canonization ever in the united states. >> president obama, first lady and her daughters were the first of formerly greet the pope after his plane landed at andrews air force base. this does not happen often. the president almost never goes to andrews to greet visiting head of state but he did it for the pope.
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riding very high. juliet: teresa priolo joins us from the upper east side as anticipation builds for the pauls arrival. you change your location? >> reporter: i am deserting st. patrick's cathedral in favor of a spot closer to home. this is where the probe will be staying, you can see barricades are in place, and this is one of the heavily guarded areas, we are 1 they away, we are learning more about the specific security detail that will be in place and what an incredible effort. raptors applause, his holiness steps foot on u.s. soil, pope francis warmly welcomed by the first family and tens of thousands of the adoring faithful. a quick trip to d.c. that concludes thursday with an address to congress and then it
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>> it will be celebratory and safe. >> the nypd reiterating the pope's visit coincided with the u.n. general assembly presenting the most complex security operation this city ever experienced. >> pope francis will be here 39 hours and 40 minutes and all-around including the president of the united states and 169 other world leaders you will have that movement and all ball players of security. >> for the pope's visit to the u. n 6,000 officers are being utilized, add to that 1700 vehicles, 206 escort convoys all protecting 170 heads of state and opposed. portable barriers, cement blockade's being put into place. add to that the secret service building a special fence along fifth avenue to protect those who want to see the pope and those who were hoping this is business as usual. >> the offense is behind this to see his holiness through those travels. >> the nypd is concerned about
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those who want to harm the pope based on principle as they are and those who hope to maximize their impact in a crowded area but the commissioner says the pope's visit to new york was designed with safety in mind which is why his events i ticketed and in confined environments. spectators and their belongings can be carefully monitored. willmore on the pope's itinerary. i know we have been talking about this but it is worth repeating, a arrived on others that has a 6:45 per service at st. patrick's cathedral but as we know friday is the jam packed today where he has traversed the island. that is the latest from the upper east side. >> thank you, teresa priolo. for the latest on the pope's visit you to log on to and serge for apps on the apple itunes apps store and google play. ben: today marks the jewish holiday of yom kippur, the day of atonement and it is
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considered the holiest day of the year and the jewish calendar, worship rival for services on the upper east side, yom kippur is marked by praying for atonement of simms, those observing the they cast at sundown last night and will not be joy or drink and joel sundown. we have much more to come including an audit on subway trash. are the stations cleaner without trash cans. juliet: mike keeping track of the forecast. >> if you like the sunshine they have that coming at you, 60 degrees for the first day of fall but it will be warmer with lots of sunshine, high temperatures in the upper 70s, daily and hourly forecasts available on the weather apps, find it at the apple itunes store, google play store for free, download right
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the new chase freedom mobile app. the card is for the essentials. the cash back is for the fun. chase. so you can. >> meteorologist: checking the weather, the first day of fall, here is what we have with the fall, the autumnal equinoxes, this is what happens, the sun is position directly over the lot equator so it is right ear and
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the hours of day and night cream much equal here especially at the equator, goes down as you go north and south of the equator, temperatures tend to drop, will be dropping from this to go forward because days will be getting shorter. now is the time of year you start to feel that cool air, folks are real happy plus we have rain here. here is what we have with temperatures this morning, clear skies at central park, dewpoint sitting at 50, other temperatures in the region, 47 as you do in syracuse, abstain in new york, skies cleared out locally and a lot of clear skies as we get deeper into the day, high pressure taken over, the cloud cover we have from yesterday staying out to sea, not really bother as you go forward. sunny skies won't looks like we will be threatened with rainfall, high temperatures
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fall, high temperature is 79, in the lower 60s, 79 thursday, 73 friday as more cloud the reintroduced into the area, showered chances will be out there over south jersey from sunday night into monday, temperatures a little pull over the weekend, we not be weakened but the first weekend of ball, stay home, relax. let's bring in ines rosales and take a peek at what is happening with the commute situation and what should be quieter today. >> jewish holiday, a lot of schools are out so we have street cleaning rules suspended. let's go to westchester doing fine, conn. looking good, if you're traveling, let's go to our cameras and see how things that doing this morning and the northern spared parkway, that is a good option was found in these
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96th street, no problems in either direction, in laguardia airport, smooth sailing. >> an audit caused the subway trash can experiment bunch of garbage, trash cans were removed from 39 subway stations as a way to reduce garbage and hopefully rats, the state comptroller's study says no sign it is working, fewer rats at one station, this is a perfect opportunity to show that pizza video again. and andy a spokesman disagrees saying it not only lead to fewer roads that freed up workers who would normally empty trash cans to do other things. juliet: what is the real story? ben: unclear. the ban on styrofoam containers was crushed. a judge overturned a ruling saying no evidence the material cannot be recycled by the city maintains foam cups, plates and foods and beverages can't be recycles and a clogging landfills.
5:20 am
the attorney that won the suit says the restaurant action alliance wants to find another solution. >> we now want to work with the city to implement a comprehensive recycling program that will reduce the amount of wasted goes to landfills and will provide financial benefit to the city and that is a win/win for everybody. reviewing its options keep the ban in effect and we disagree with the ruling, these products cause real environmental harm. we have a lot more coming up, good news this morning, a specialized drug that went for $13.50 a tablet, $750 coming
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believe the pharmaceutical company sparked backlash after raising a drug price, 5,000% overnight.
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of that. is companies skyrocketed the cost of $13.50 uphill. $2,750 per pill, the only u.s. approved treatment for deadly person infection after being accused of gouging patient that the company's ceo says the price will be lower but did not say by how much. the new price will still allow the company to make a small create better drugs. >> a picture is worth a thousand words, instagram more popular than twitter, a photo sharing site bose 400 million users, that is more than the twitter's 316 million users. i never got into would. facebook bought instagram in 2012 for $1 billion. looks like a good deal since experts say the ad revenue could hit $3 billion by 2017.
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halloween costume this year. they are selling a 60 from costume for $69.99. it is called rhumbshaker, a sleeveless shirt with a collar, a wig, apparently a wig is not included but with your hair you couldn't get -- thrown back a little bit and i think you need to be donald trump. maybe we are on to something. juliet: may be. little carly fiorina action figure. ben: is the official, any one, happy birthday to you, happy birthday without paying the price. you never heard it on tv and. heather: you know how many times? ben: it is one of the things
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first job in television, you cannot sing happy birthday on television because it costs millions of dollars. >> a judge ruled it is in the public domain. the judge says warner chappell music group dismal polls of valid copyright claim to this song, a music publisher has been collecting royalties for the song since buying the rights from the original copyright in 1935. ben: when you go to a restaurant they sing some other variation. when i worked at applebys, happy birthday. we wish it was our birthday so we could party too. juliet: while one. ben: top stories when we come
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the 70s, summer does not want to let go. fall officially arrives an hour ago. the first day of fall. mike has the forecast coming up. juliet: breaking news, sad news, 2:00 this morning remembering yankee legend yogi berra. he died last night. we will have a live report. ben: pope francis is going to meet people today and also of the president in the white house, and the anticipation for his arrival in new york is building as well. juliet: the hit show empire arriving for season ii. i am juliet huddy, it is september 23rd. it is wednesday.
5:29 am
empire is back, and i am waiting for my calendar clean. everybody canceled. not happening. i am obsessed. i like to reenact a lot of the characters. good stuff. that is everybody's nickname. makes me laugh. empire is that making a lot of folks have been. here is what we have, temperatures soared in the 40s, 13s and 60s, 59 in newark, 60 at central part, clear skies, winds on the lighter side coming from the northeast at 5 to 10 miles an hour, you will see a mainly sunny day, high pressure has taken over and we will see a lot of clear skies, high temperatures getting up to 79
5:30 am
and first day of autumn is here, started at 4:21, we have another 79 for a high tomorrow and cooler temperatures for the weekend. let's bring in ines rosales. i know you will be watching. suspended, meters in affect for religious observances, the commute should be lighter than normal because a lot of kids are off from school, the lie doing fine, nassau county, southern state in new jersey no problems, morris county 287, let's go to the cameras, the u.n. general assembly going on, closures started last night, this is first avenue, the underpass will remain open, they start at 10:00 p.m. but some guys trickling fruit, you have a police presence on first avenue but expect a lot of closures.
5:31 am
road, new jersey transit and pass trains doing fine. >> breaking news, sad news, the loss of a legend, yogi berra. ben: robert moses is outside the yogi berra museum in little falls, new jersey. >> reporter: good morning, this is a shrine not only to yogi berra's career but baseball in general. his son once said his dad loved everybody no matter if you were on garbageman or the president of the united states. safe to say that everybody loved him back. early eat this morning came the sad news from the museum that bears his name. he died last night at 90 years old. the yankees tweeted we are saddened by the loss of yankees legend and american hero yogi berra. if you are not a fan of baseball you know who yogi berra was. he was born in st. louis in 1925, joy in the yankees in
5:32 am
1946, he would be one of the greatest actors of all time. from 1949 to 1953. the image of him leaping into the arms of don larsen after larsen threw a perfect game in the 1956 world series is iconic. he manage the bronx bombers and the mets too. 1985 the man known as the boss, george steinbrenner fired him as manager. he promised never to enter yankee stadium as long as the boss owns the team and a 14 years between the to do men ensued. she and the boss reconciled, and returned to the stadium. >> i am happy to be here to come back home again. >> the enthralled crowds when yankees paid homage to legends. he served as commercial pitchman, perhaps best known for the redundant phrases that
5:33 am
entered our national conversation. age of blue all over again, not over until it is over, one phrase seems especially poignant, you should always go to thees funeral otherwise they won't come to yours, it is safe to say is will be packed. the family released this statement, we mourn the loss of our father, grandfather and great-grandfather, we know he is at peace with mom, dad is a reference to his wife of 65 years who recently passed away, we celebrate his remarkable life and thankful he meant so much to so many. he will truly be missed. yogi berra is an american hero who served in the military in world war ii. that is the latest live from little falls this morning, ben and juliet, back to you. ben: thank you, the pope is getting ready for a busy day which will begin with a meeting
5:34 am
white house this morning. greg: juliet: the president agreed him yesterday. ben: we all know it is in maryland. ben: the president really greets foreign dignitaries. juliet: speak to the high anticipation of his 6 day visit. ben: no fancy limousine for the pope. he was driven off in a tiny fiat 500. dwarfed by the security vehicles in his motorcade. teresa priolo live for us out side the people residence on the upper east side with more. >> reporter: isn't that the best advertisement for fiat ever? that is what i thought when i saw him drive up and he was carrying one of his bags. good morning, everyone. we are only a day away and when the pope arrives in new york city he will be staying on the
5:35 am
upper east side and the papal residence. this is accessible but won't be much longer because of all the different locations in place and all the security measures that will ensure he is safe while he is here. let's take you to the minute the soil, he wasn't mentioned, greeted by the first family and francisco and oh hate you ask a, the pope was all smiles and we expect more of that today, and performing the first canonization mass on u.s. soil, a quick trip for him that wraps up thursday and then it is our turn to show the pope what we have got man's to welcome him with open arms. we are ready for this but this is uncomplicated, with the pope in town and the un general assembly in town, this is considered the most complex security operation in the city's history. the un portion of this alone according to the nypd includes
5:36 am
6,000 officers, 1700 vehicles, portable barriers, sand trucks, cement blockade's all put in place to ensure that crowds can be mitigated. >> pope francis will be here for 39 hours and 40 minutes and all-around including the president of the united states, 169 other world leaders, you will have that movement and all the layers of security. >> pretty excited, celebratory and safe. >> secret service is erecting a special fence along fifth avenue that will separate the people who have been screened for the pope's visit with those people who have not and once to work and get where they need to go and not be concerned with all the events happening around the city. john miller said 39 hours and 40 minutes, 6 events in new york city and it will go by in a flash and it is philly's turn to show when they have got. that is the latest from the upper east side. back to both of you.
5:37 am
ben: will be over before you blink i guess. lots of preparation. juliet: for the latest on the pope's visit law gone to you can search the apps, the itunes apps store and google play. ben: don't know if you heard about this that it is making news around the world, an incredible story, the company is officially in crisis mode with some board members expected to hold a meeting today in the wake of a big emissions scandal. according to the epa a volkswagen which is the world's largest automaker intentionally install software on 11 million diesel vehicles with the goal to intentionally deceive regulators trying to measure the cars's the nation's. the engineering trick enable cars to drive more powerful leon the road while admitting as much as 40 times the legal pollution limit. the car could figure out when it was in testing mode.
5:38 am
>> we have totally screwed up. let's be clear about this. our company was dishonest. with the ppm and the california resources board and with all of you. juliet: how does the company stay afloat after something like that? ben: it could be tough for volkswagen in the u.s. because u.s. shares not that great. they could be fined $37,000 per car in the u.s. for a total of $18 billion. company stock has taken a big hit on wall street, lost 25% market value. if you are one of those volkswagen owners that has that car, i feel like volkswagen should give me my money back because i bought this, thinking it is good for the environment, usually gets better mpg but now i feel i was misled. juliet: you were actually. let's get to mike for better news.
5:39 am
out what is going on with the people visit, the pope is in town and the world leaders. this is what we have with the weather run down the next couple days, thursday looks like a gorgeous day, sunny and warm, temperatures in the upper 70s, a repeat of today. friday we will increase those clouds and bring in dry but cooler weather at the same time so all little bit of a change but altogether doesn't look bad at all, no rain in our future, 59 in newark, 60 central park, 47 in poughkeepsie, to betters team down a little bit, a levon degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago in sussex, 2 degrees cooler than it was yesterday at central park, mainly chris kyle, high pressure takes over, we will see a lot of sunshine and high temperatures 79 this afternoon, 79 tomorrow and highs did den into the lower 70s over the upcoming weekend with more clouds and a few showers coming through sunday in to monday. the weather apps,
5:40 am
download at the apple itunes store, google play store, it is free now. let's bring in ines and see what we have. ines: street cleaning rules suspended, the rest of the week religious observances, jewish holiday today, we have that suspended, meters remain in effect, put them county checking in fine, 684 no problems, your new jersey commute fine on the parkway from 280 towards the essex and bergen told plaza, no problems on route 40. that the river crossing if you are taking the george washington bridge the lie first, west bound these that you are fine, gwb cover and lower level looks good, lincoln and holland tunnel. stay tuned, "good day new york" will be right back. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement
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juliet: checking your headlines, three suspects have been arrested in a massive ball caught on camera in downtown brooklyn monday. police are investigating the possibility this situation was preplanned on social media.
5:44 am
officers will check out a growing homeless population, 125th street, the police commissioner said calls for 311 about homeless camps were up 105%. jersey city expand health benefits to trans gender workers. juliet: city workers will assign medical care for gender reassignment surgery. it will cost a fraction of 1% of the city's healthcare costs. 5:46. ben: said news in the world sports. duke: yogi berra passed away at age 90. i do remember interviewing him at age 26, you hear about this legend from your dad and one nice guy he was and i remember him being around yankee stadium talking to derek jeter, thinking to myself while. here are two of the -- won so many world series combined, had such a great relationship, he
5:45 am
touched so many people. as we have been reporting the baseball community and the world morning the loss of yankees great yogi berra. she passed away at the age of 90, was one of baseball's greatest catchers, greatest players, three time mvp, more world series game than any other major leaguer, won ten at the players and most it ever in the world series. he will also be remembered for his phrases like it is not over until that is over, you can observe a lot by just watching and when you come to a fork in the road take it. he was also a veteran having served in world war ii, and this that they the beijing, served in the navy, 300 yards off the coast of the dave firing guns and rockets at german defenses on omaha beach. several of accommodations for his bravery. is press supported by the yankees and by the yogi berra museum in little falls new
5:46 am
he will be missed, no question. his beloved yankees and toronto started that night three games behind the first-place blue jays, carlos beltran groups as a solo home run to right, 17, yanks go up 3-2, bottom of the ninth andrew miller on to close it out, the former yankee throughout the solo home run, tied the game up at 3, greg bird at the plate will rip the 3 run homer to right, his tenth of the year, yankees when it 6-4, toronto's american league east got two games. city field braves push forward to that nl east title, and the losers now five of the fifth inning, game tied at one, two outs, they went two outs. hector is going to take logan
5:47 am
you knew that was coming after a the walk. his second of a year, braves, 4-1. nationals of last night, magic number down 2, 6 games. football, the giants job security and no longer be taken for granted. that is the message tom kaufman sent to his team, a practice yesterday afternoon because he was released, dropped five in the first two games and the giants are 0-2, wide receiver since victor cruz was injured last year. he hopes to play tomorrow night against washington despite having not practiced in a month, worked out yesterday, he lobbied to hit the field saying he doesn't feel something from them any more. it sounded realistic saying it will be up to coach kaufman. >> you got to stay the course, you won't do the team any good if you are out there 60%, 70%, you want to be 100% the top of
5:48 am
ability and that is what i want to do. >> john may be coming back after a yearlong absence due to injury but the big story, yogi berra passes away at the age of 90. an american icon, american hero and touched so many people even if you were not a baseball fan. juliet: the greatest generation. ben: world war ii veteran. thank you very much, much more in the next hour. let's check the forecast, the first day of fall. >> meteorologist: yes, we have temperatures dropping back, depends on where you are, 40s to the northwest, 43 in monticello, 48 in allentown, 45 in sussex, 59 in newark, 56 in bridgeport, 60 in central park, temperatures have come down a little bit again this morning, 6 down quite a bit, 11 degrees cooler than it
5:49 am
cooler in allentown but only 2 to 5 degrees cooler in those areas around the tristate region, clear sky coming to you, clouds from yesterday edged out of the picture, high pressure takes over, we will see a lot of sunshine out there today, high temperature in control, temperatures coming up a little bit because you are getting that sunshine, first day of fall feeling like a pushback this summer, high temperature 79 degrees later this have been in, low tonight 61, 79 once again tomorrow and it comes into the lower 70s as we go through this upcoming weekend. our chances pretty small, going to be up there late sunday into monday but at this point doesn't look that promising for most of us in the tristate. let's go to ines rosales, we have the holiday for many folks. that might help us out. ines: street cleaning rules
5:50 am
suspended, a lot of kids off from school, meters and affect. no problems in the cross bronx, or the henry hudson parkway traveling in connecticut, no issues on 95 northbound and southbound. let's look at your commute on route 80 by route 15 and there is the ease downside, westbound, nothing going on. as far as trains everything on or close to schedule with metro-north, long island railroad, new jersey transit and pass trains. juliet: a lot more coming. ben: the return of empire almost here, anna gilligan previews season 2. juliet: one of my favorite
5:51 am
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ben: 5:55. and big night. dave: 1 anna: empire is returning, season 2 picking up tonight, the next chapter explore as the unpredictable relationship between cookie and lucius and this season we will seem more
5:53 am
>> you will see all sides of cookie and you will see the gentler side. you always see her soft side when she is dealing with matters of the heart. anna: season 2 prius tonight at 9:00 p.m. is a good one. can't tell you anything but it is good. forbes has released its list of hip-hop's top earners and dirty is king coin. anna:diddy rounds out the top five bringing in $60 million over the last year most of that from what go with j z come in second, drake earned 39.5 million, dr. gray brought $33 million dropping after last year's record-breaking $620 million and terrell williams round out the top five
5:54 am
found a new backup dancer. anna: that was sixth in, she has moved, she posted this to her face book page prompting this dance party, this all went down backstage during her kansas city show, appeared on ellen to talk about this fire or video which showed him freestyle dancing and he was given tickets to see swift. this kid has of future in dance, look at that. he must take a gymnastics or something. he is not even shy in a room with a big stage of staging taylor.
5:55 am
anna: one of the beautiful things about children.
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